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The  months starts on the 7th, 8th and 9th December  from 19.00 to 23.30 with the return of ‘Iseo Street Food’ to be held in the area of Castello Oldofredi  where you can enjoy and purchase typical food and drink from the area of Brescia and Lake Iseo.

Programme of Events in Iseo town

7th December from 21.00 live music in the castle grounds of ( Castello Oldofredi – Iseo) –

8th December from 21.00 live music in the castle grounds of  ( Castello Oldofredi – Iseo )

9th December from 21.00 live DJ with 60’s music in the castle grounds of (Castello Oldofredi -Iseo)

The 8th and 9th December in the town of Paratico situated on the lake front will be the Christmas markets to be held from 9am until 7pm.

Next we are kicking  off with a lovely traditional Lake Iseo festival called ” Natale con Gusto” ( A taste of Christmas) held in the town of Iseo,  this will be its 16th year and is to be held on the weekends of the 9th and 10th December and the 16th and 17th December with magical Christmas stalls and concerts for all. The traditional ‘Casette di Natale’ (Christmas chests)  will be held in the old city centre where candy floss and snacks will be handed out free from 9am till 8pm on these weekends. Saturdays there will be traditional dancers from the area of Val Trompia in the main square and on the Sunday there will be an art display by the street artists of Brescia. Sunday the 10th there will be a lovely Jazz concert by Cosimo Pignataro and the hot coals from Milan.

14th December at 17.30 at Castello Oldofredi, Iseo a classical concert with the ‘Trio Carducci’  ( piano, violin and cello )

16th December in the civic hall of  Castello Oldofreddi, Iseo there will be a a children’s pantomime ‘ Fiocco di neve’.

17th December the piazza of Iseo will be filled with musical groups, kicking off at 15.30 with lyrical music and later on at 17.00 with the group the Civic Jazz Band from Milan with the Giulia Malaspina quartet.

24th December the farmers market will be held in Viale Repubblica, Iseo.

26th December the antiques markets will be held in the town centre of Iseo




6th January in the town centre of Iseo there will be the traditional parade of the three wise men through the streets of the town and the lake.


What a lovely programme we have for you this month.

To kick off we have on SUNDAY 5TH NOVEMBER AT 17.30 in the enchanting Castello Oldofredi on the Island of MONTISOLA, the return of the classical season of Autumn lyrical music. Six lovely concerts programmed and performed by a selection of promising and young international musicians starting from this coming Sunday up until Christmas. What lovelier occasion to visit the island and enjoy the concerts for FREE. For the full programme consult the following link:

THEN ON THE FOLLOWING SUNDAY 12TH NOVEMBER AT 12.00 in the town of SARNICO we have the annual Sebino Winter Sailing Championships ‘Specchio al Lago’ perfect for all those sporting enthusiasts that love water sports.

FOR ALL THOSE CHOCOLATE FANS out there starting from FRIDAY 17TH NOVEMBER TO THE 19TH NOVEMBER FROM 20.30 UNTIL MIDNIGHT in the town of Monticelli Brusati we have the return of the FRANCIACORTA Chocolate Festival. Here it is possible to try all the different types of chocolate that this area produces and a selection of other specialities too. For a really special day it is possible to book a tour in the wine cellars of the Franciacorta with chocolate tasting too…..

HOW ABOUT A GOOD OLD FASHIONED FOOD FESTIVAL – the town of MARONE on Lake Iseo is celebrating its 2017 olive oil year and are putting on a display of traditional foods and delicious oils all to be held in the celebratory Villa Vismara in Marone in Via Roma. TO BE HELD on the 25TH and 26TH NOVEMBER from 10am until 6pm on both days. For more information consult the link:

AND HOW ABOUT THIS in the town of GUSSAGO in the FRANCIACORTA every Thursday from the month of SEPTEMBER up until the 6th DECEMBER it is possible to have a selective menu of delicious wines and Grilled meat dishes, all specialities of this area at JUST € 25 FOR THE MENU. For the full list of restaurants in this area that are adhering to this delightful initiative please consult the following link:-

Winter Sports on Lake Iseo

So you are probably asking yourself where is the nearest ski slope to the area of Lake Iseo and what type of skiing can you do……, ahh well the best kept secret of Lake Iseo is that it is literally surrounded by beautiful mountains and tranquil alpine trecks that you can enjoy all year round.

From Cross country Skiing to Alpine Skiing and Snowboarding you can enjoy all these family sports just a short drive from Lake Iseo.


The closest is probably Val Palot, just 12 kms from the town of Pisogne, on Lake Iseo, Val Palot at 1100meters high dominated by Mount Gugliemo with breathtaking views, can be reached comfortably by car and offers an authentic corner of paradise for those who enjoy nature and serenity. Val Palot is blanketed with a white cape of snow in the winter for the joy of all skiiers. There is an artificial plant system that guarantees good skiing all the way up to the month of March. In the summer it is appreciated by those who enjoy taking a quite stroll or for those more adventurous out there, Nordic walking and trekkers and even joggers. For those who wish to take a weekend break in this nature paradise, there are 2 hotels and an agriturismo ( working farm house ) which also produce a number of delicious cured meats and cheeses especially around the area of Bionda dell’Adamello.

Val Palot
25055 Pisogne
Tel. 0364/888923
Fax. 0364/888923


Montecampione is a popular modern skiing village situated in the heart of the Val Camonica, Brescia, which surrounds Lake Iseo. Around 60 kms from Brescia,  Montecampione is easy to reach by car and is around 11kms from the Tonale Pass in the direction of Darfoe Boario. Those who like to ski can enjoy the 30km of ski slopes, amongst which are  4 black runs, 12 red runs and 4 blue runs and plenty of mini slopes for children and beginners.  For those who like skidoos there are plenty of tracks at a quota height of circa 1800 meters.  There is the possibility of taking the ski lifts from the village so you don’t need to take the car and an artificial snow plant guarantees good skiing until March.

Via Legazzuolo di Montecampione, 25040, Artogne, Brescia
Tel. 0364/563009
Fax. 0364/088009


Set amidst the Brescian mountains situated in Valley Camonica at a height of 1704 meters lies ‘Monte Altissima’. It’s surrounded by pine forests and woodlands and offers a magnificent backdrop onto Lake Iseo, this is a modern ski station which has recently been updated with a new ski lift plant, which offers  8 lifts in total which can transport  up to 7815 people per hour.  This ski station is part of the Lombardy regional circuit, information regarding the seasonal ski passes can be found on the following link

This ski station holds many competitive events annually and is really worth a visit should you be planning to go skiing on Lake Iseo.

Via della Funivia 28, 25042, Borno, Brescia
Tel. 0364/310295


A fairy-tale landscape, perfectly groomed slopes, modern lifts, sun, snow and fun are the ingredients of the district  of Adamello Ski.  These four ski stations,  Temù (from m. 1121), Pontedilegno (from m. 1255), Passo Tonale ( m. 1880) and the Glacier Presena ( m. 2585), are one beautiful compliment of diversity and each reality offers a haven of complete tranquility and enchanting landscapes. The slopes are suitable for skiers of all levels, from beginners to professionals, suitable for those who like steep slopes or those who prefer to ski with a quiet confidence on the gentle slopes. A carousel of ski emotions from the smallest slope in Temù at 1,000 meters high up to the most adventurous slopes of the Presena at 3,000 mt high . Adamello Ski, where snow and sun are always home features with 30 modern and fast ski lifts, over 100 km of perfectly groomed slopes are taken perfect care of with great professionalism, one ski pass which offers a winter dream in a four beautiful natural oasis of peace and relaxation with sun and great skiing.

Madeleine Morgan – 27th January 2017

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