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Design & Renovation


The Italian Jobs originates from a fusion of professionals with years of experience in the field of real estate, interior design and renovations of luxury property. The idea is to bring our wealth of expertise and professionalism, style and design strictly ‘Made in Italy’ at the service of all our international clientele.  Our team consists of highly qualified professionals who aim to meet the various needs of our customers by combining Italian design and style with high-quality finishes and avant-garde technologies.


Interior Design

Our team of architects specializing in both classical and modern interiors will propose solutions to enhance both your personality and your home, by making it a unique and stylish environment for you, your family and your friends to enjoy.



We specialize in bringing to life your ideas, first-class work, top quality and 100% reliability from start to finish!

All our jobs are turnkey, and at every stage are supervised and monitored by our chief technician who has more than twenty years of experience in renovation work. We pride ourselves both in our work and our expertise, ensuring that our commitment remains the very utmost at all stages, whether we are renovating a bathroom or an entire building.
We are also specialized and equipped to resolve any problem related to water seepage and infiltrations, mould, rising damp and any structural problem.



An antique technique that will render your home unique!

Our mosaics are created by trained artists under the strict supervision of architects who design the compositions with colours and images based on the recommendations and requests of our customers. We only use first-class materials and provide high-quality work.


Frescoes and Venetian Plaster

An absolute innovative technique that allows you to bring to life any image of any dimension of your choice on almost any surface, preferably a smooth surface interior or exterior, could be on a wall, a ceiling, a floor, a wardrobe, office furniture, panel divider or a piece of furniture. This is not a print but a transfer of the image that you desire. You may wish to have your favourite actor, musician, group, work of art, sculpture, or even a family photo. We bring your fantasy to life!

We combine the old with the new to give you simplicity and beauty!

Venetian plaster is an ancient technique that dates back to more than 5000 years, originally used in Iran to decorate lush homes and residences. In today’s modern world we can replicate this beautiful art and transport it into your homes or working environment, bringing life and harmony to any room with a certain style and elegance in any colour of your choosing. It can even be reproduced in bathrooms and spas.