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Extreme Sports on Lake Iseo

me and mollyMany of you who have already visited this lake probably think it’s a quiet place with very little to do, well that would be a mistake as this little’ole lake has quite a lot going on.  The company ‘You can do it’ run by Alpine Guides and experts of this area, Ruggero Andreoli and Franz Carrara have some fantastic activities for the dare devil and adrenaline junkies out there.

Why not try Canyoning, exciting and breaktaking experiences through the many intriguing caves and valleys of the Bergamascan and Brescian mountains, you will just need  a towel and a pair of trainers and they take care of the rest. If that’s not daring enough for you there’s the adventurous via-ferrato climbing routes with its treacherous drops but fantastic back drops of the lake and mountains………. Alright for those who don’t suffer from heights…..or there is alpine trekking through the glaciers and high peaks of the mountains or just plain climbing up the mountain if you like. There again you could try one of their trekking programmes which will take you around the panoramic mountains and valleys with its hidden views and secrets, that everybody can do.  For more information and their full itinerary check out their website

For those who like to be up in the clouds you could try the amazing experience of Paragliding in tandem with the experts of ‘Air Activities’ they will take you over the most amazing panoramas of the lake and mountains or why not try their tandem aircraft programme  over Lake Iseo or Lake Garda. More information on their website

In the tiny fishing village of Predore, did you know that there were a Roman baths which can be visited from April to September on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays in the evening from 18.00 to 20.00 and on Sunday mornings from 9.00 to 13.00. For a guided visit you can contact them direct on +39 338 1744582

If you just want to relax and discover the food and wine, you could visit one of the many wine yards and taste some fantastic wines. Not to miss is the vineyard of ‘Ca del Bosco’ and ‘ Bellavista’ a full itinerary can be arranged through ‘ Strada del vino di Franciacorta’ by contacting them at

Or if relaxing is on your itinerary then why not chill out in the Thai Spa in the Cocca hotel on Lake Iseo in the town of Sarnico, where you can try one of their many specialized Thai massages

Iseo express run a transfer service from Milan-Bergamo airport to Lake Iseo and Lake Endine, its easy, cheap and quick – check out  or if you want to have a personal driver and unique experience you could contact Marco Moraschi at – he speaks perfect English and would be able to entertain you with his wit and humour throughout your whole trip.

Madeleine Morgan 21st October 2016

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